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Homeowner Tips


Mosquitos & Flies

Are those Mosquitos and flies driving you crazy? Try a fire at night to ward off those critters! It really works…and you can have a glass of wine or beer without swatting away.

Camping Experience

Make your camping experience memorable with evening fires for the family. The kids will be telling all their friends what a great time the had.

Firewood Link image with people sitting around a campfire
People barbecuing meat over a beach fire


For our enthusiasts who dare to have a bonfire on the beach or a cookout on their RV trips or just home grilling, we say use OAK!

Oak firewood is great for all experiences. Our customers keep coming back for Oak because it burns so darn good!

We offer Seasoned Oak that has been air dried along with Kiln Dried Oak. The majority of restaurants use our top quality Kiln Dried Oak that must be approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture, so it is free of pests and parasites. Oak is the customer favorite to cook, grill and even smoke with.

Cherry Wood Log pile


Who said cherry firewood is only for cooking?

Following our homeowners remarks that Cherry is the best smelling wood to burn, we decided to take a poll. We asked their opinion and everyone bragged about the sweet smell Cherry left in their homes after burning. They also said it was the best wood for cooking chicken, duck and fish. Some customers even said it was great to use for making pizza!! Next time you stop in, pickup a bag and try it yourself or let us deliver you a pallet!!

Pecan tree row just mulched


We Southerner’s Sure Do Love Pecan!!!!

Pecan wood has a sweet, nutty, and rich flavor, similar to hickory, which is great for poultry. Pecan wood is also strong enough to stand up to beef and pork as well. Pecan wood is great for giving a distinct ingredient to creating a delicious taste in meats. The flavor is stronger than Oak, but milder than Hickory. Our chefs request Pecan over other flavors to get that rich and desired distinct taste to their poultry and meats. Try it and we are sure you will LOVE it!!

Man opening Barbecue wood section

Competitive BBQ

Professional BBQ Chefs rely on us throughout the year for their competition needs. They use our wood to compete alongside other hopefuls in the competitive world of BBQing. Not only do Pitmasters love smoking and grilling meats, but so do ordinary people like you and me as well. I love when I see the neighbors looking around to see who is outside smoking now!

Ribs being cooked on a open flame


Hickory has a strong and intense flavor, most commonly found in BACON!! It adds that dark color to meats that Pitmasters are looking for. It is perfect for brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, etc. Try some next time you are in the mood for SMOKING!!

Woodfire Pizza oven cooking two pizzas

Pizza Oven Wood

A True Taste of Italy!

Give your family a true taste of Italy by cooking your homemade pizza over Fred Stevens pizza cut cooking wood.

Fred Stevens pizza cut cooking wood is specifically designed for wood fired pizza ovens. Our family has worked with pizza chefs and we have come up with the best wood combination. Fred Stevens pizza cut cooking wood is made from Oak and Hickory because it maintains a hot and consistent burn with low emissions. Our wood is cut and dried to produce the maximum amount of proper heat that helps maintain a constant temperature, providing a great smoke flavor in the pizza.

We have miniature pizza cuts which gives you the hottest and longest burns, holding temperatures of up to 800-900 degrees for 20 minutes with just 5-6 pieces of wood. This wood is 16 inches in length and 2-3 inches in diameter. We also offer the 16 inch cut in 3-5 inches in diameter for your full sized ovens. Both are great for your best pizza oven results. Chefs and home cooks add great flavor cooking splits to their wood ovens to create great taste.


Residential Firewood

All our firewood is kiln dried to 15% or less moisture content. Great for Pizza Ovens, Grills and Fireplaces. Our kiln dried wood is heat treated to USDA standards for shipment.